Symptoms of aspergers in toddlers

Aspergers syndrome is a type of pervasive development disorder, is a condition that affects a child’s communication and socialization with others. Aspergers is considered high functioning on the autism spectrum and may last for a lifetime. There is no cure, though early intervention can be very helpful for toddler’s diagnosed with the condition. Symptoms of aspergers in toddlers often mimic normal childhood behaviors, only a doctor can make the diagnosis.

    1. Social difficulties

» Toddlers with aspergers syndrome usually have difficulty in social situations, such as when playing with other children. This could be due to delay motor skill development causing clumsiness. The interests of a toddler with aspergers syndrome tend to be very limited, causing the child to have a very narrow focus of activities and interests.

    1. Communication

» Unlike toddlers with autism, a child with aspergers syndrome generally does not experience difficulties in language develops parents may notice that the child has difficulty properly using their vocabulary. Toddlers may talk incessantly about one subject, without acknowledging the listener.

    1. Nonverbal communication

» Abnormalities in nonverbal communication are often apparent in children with this condition. A lack of eye contact may occur accompanied by limited facial expression which correspond with words the toddler is speaking. The child may also exhibit unusual body movements and gestures.

    1. Reading

» Toddlers with aspergers syndrome are often not diagnosed until later in childhood as they sometimes learn to read very early. The perceived advancements overshadows the fact that the child with aspergers often cannot comprehend the words he is reading.

How to recognize aspergers in a toddler

    1. Social setting.

» Watch how your toddler interacts with others to look for clues of aspergers.

    1. Look at whom your child chooses to socialize with.

» A child who constantly seeks out an adult for conversation over another child may suffer from aspergers.

    1. Notice if your child speaks in a flat, monotonous tone as that is one of the tell-tale signs of aspergers.

» In some cases this is more of an odd or higher tone. How a child stresses words and the rhythm of speech may be impaired by aspergers.

    1. Be mindful of when your toddler starts joining words together and if language development is progressing normally.


    1. Check to see if your child asks her own question or if she only answers questions.

» A child with aspergers may only initiate questions on topics that interest her.



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